In Hindu mythology, Devayani (Sanskrit: देवयानी, Devayānī) was a daughter of Shukracharya, Daitya guru and his wife Jayanti, daughter of Indra.She was married to Yayati, and gave birth to two sons — Yadu and Turvasu. I bore it.My daughter, who holds her honor high, had to hear dishonoring words uttered by your daughter.

The virtues or vices of others will not affect us in the least." Your father does not live on the wages of flattery. Before her marriage, she once fell in love with Brihaspati's son, Kacha.However, Kacha later refused to marry her. The latter was vexed and exclaimed half in jest at the impropriety of the daughter of a disciple wearing the clothes of the master's daughter.These words were spoken half in jest, but the princess Sarmishtha became very angry and said arrogantly: "Do you not know that your father humbly bows in reverence to my royal father every day? The wise will not take to heart the words of boys and girls. Yayati seized her hand and helped her out of the well.Devayani did not wish to return to the capital of the king of the asuras. Devayani is an Indian actress who predominantly acts in Tamil and has also starred in few Telugu and Malayalam films, along with a few Kannada, Hindi and Bengali films. … Yayati hielp haar er uit en ze werden later man en vrouw. Uit dat volk werd,,Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. ONE warm afternoon, pleasantly tired with sporting in the woods Devayani and the daughters of Vrishaparva, king of the asuras, went to bathe in the cool waters of a sylvan pool, depositing their garlands on the bank before they entered its waters.A strong breeze blew their clothes together into a huddled heap and when they came to take them up again, some mistakes naturally occurred.

Emperor Yayati of the Bharata race who was hunting in the forest by a happy chance came to this spot in search of water to slake his thirst.

But no worthy man extols his own merits, and I shall say no more about myself. She cannot any more stay in your kingdom. So Sukra taught Kacha sanjeevani mantra.

When he glanced into the well, he saw something bright, and looking closer, he was surprised to find a beautiful maiden lying in the well.He asked: "Who are you, O beautiful maiden with bright earrings and ruddy nails? But tell me this, was Sarmishtha, the daughter of Vrishaparva, right when she told me you were but a minstrel singing the praises of kings? ONE warm afternoon, pleasantly tired with sporting in the woods Devayani and the daughters of Vrishaparva, king of the asuras, went to bathe in the cool waters of a sylvan pool, depositing their garlands on the bank before they entered its waters. In turn Kacha cursed her back to marry outside Brahmin family.

She called me the daughter of a mendicant living on the doles won by flattery. Devayani expressed her love and proposed to him. She did not feel it safe to go there, as she pondered again and again on Sarmishtha's conduct. Hence anuloma or the practice of marrying men of higher castes was legitimate and the reverse practice, known as pratiloma, i.e. After waiting long in vain for the return of his daughter who had gone to play with her companions, he sent a woman in search of her.The messenger after a weary search came on her at last near the tree where she was sitting in dejection, her eyes red with anger and grief. Chapter 06: The Marriage Of Devayani . If you abandon me, I shall enter fire and die. Oldest matrimonial site in INDIA for aspiring Bride and Groom.. Register and upload your profile with Devyani Marriage Bureau at absolutely no cost.

Besides, she was pushed into a well by your daughter. Be patient. However, the promise made to Shukra … He served me with fidelity and never strayed from the path of virtue.Your attendants tried to kill him. This is an instance of the pratiloma marriage which was resorted to on exceptional occasions.The sastras, no doubt, prescribe what is right and forbid what is wrong but a marriage once effected cannot be made invalid.Yayati and Devayani spent many days in happiness. For viewing contact details of a particular profile, you will … Lift me up" and she held forth her hands. Third time Danavas killed him in a different way. "Sarmishtha who told me that I was the daughter of a beggar, should become my handmaiden and attend on me in the house into which my father gives me in marriage. Devayani had two sons. She is very close to her family. Indra, the king of the gods, knows this, and Vrishaparva is not ignorant of his debt to me. When Devayani found Kacha missing again , she complained to her father. The curse cannot be recalled, but if you can persuade anyone to exchange his youth for your age the exchange will take effect." Sarmishtha remained with her as an attendant. Our Wallpapers are always of 1080p, 1440p, 4k and High Defination Pictures.

Sarmishta werd als straf haar dienstmeid, maar later ook Yayati's tweede echtgenote.Met Devayani kreeg Yayati twee zonen: Yadu en Tarvashu (Yavana, Yona). Get desired match for your profile which will immediately be visible to thousands of other profiles available on Devyani matrimony.

Kacha told that he came out of her father’s womb and hence Sukra becomes his father. Sukracharya loved Devayani more than his life. She told Yayati: "You have held a maiden by her right hand, and you must marry her.