So what do u think. Dorobucci means a person or an individual that is awesome, amazing, rich, swagged-out, sexy and buff. If Don Jazzy cannot categorically explain what the meaning of ‘doro’ is then something is definitely wrong.IF U LYK HATE DON JAZZY HE IS ALREADY MAKIN IS MONEY SO HATE UR SELF,doro all of u dat post comment y?d bible says in d end time dere wil be discusin thins dats not suposed 2 make meanin “dorobucci” 4 dey shal inherit d kingdom of “hell”count me out of those useles talk dat doro means smal god (trash,rubbish,nonsens),una fada doro don jazzy fada wu tell una say na lie ordinary music day sale like dat anybody were make dis statement say doro dozint mean any tin then u ar bastard sons bicthes.4 me, d first tym i heard d music i neva loved it, n wil never luv it. It is a combination of 2 initials gotten 4rm 2names .

Someppl don’t know d meaning of wat they sing nd dance. the issue is if you like the song. .. sold their souls for fame.. hope it is worth it.May we never identify such a fool!sh nigerian… Pple like him are the reason we continue to drown in stup!d reasoning such that a war-stricken country like Iraq can still win us in the world cup.No mind all this bad bele poeple wey too dey like spoil person tin..jst because d person no sabi sing d song..abeg dorojazzy dnt dnt mind dem…dorobucci rocks,Maviins all d way jor..the guy is just jealous about d song /doromavins/ I rep mavins,If don Jazzy like make him say na Doro fuck e consine him no be Me abeg him no go see me fr even 1 day tufiakwa na wa for him ooo,D guy dt said all dis is 2 a big fool, I swear, donjazzy said dorobucci nd he changed one of d last 2 Cs 2 H, nd nw said doro is a god, u such a fool, If u nt sure of somefin, don’t just come up wiv somefin… Fool.So na wnt mk pple cm de worship una god abi….no wori, una go c,So na wnt mk pple cm de worship una god abi….no wori, una go c,. are we all good?I love e song coz am Dorothy so its lyk thy r singing abt mi. sey una understand.Cn’t even read d writtenz. The song is everywhere! the king of peace,u guys are just enemy of progress.. una dey envy them una no go talk.abeg make una stop dey kill una self 4 notin.doro dis doro dat ah ah,someone shud go to the mavins face 2 face nd ask them the meaning of doro nd den come back nd tell us naah.eeewo…,doro dis doro dat wic one we go follow.infact am realy confused.Almighty and ever living father in heaven who snt his only begotten son our lord jesuschrist 2 come and die 2 save mankind pls 4give me 4 ignorantly listening 2 d music also 4give my brodas nd sistas who also listened 2 it.also 4give corrupt singers and dose in pugatory drag us all 2 heaven on d last day.amen,u guyz dnt av job u ar tokin of doro wht abt lol {lucifer our lord} dm say wetin we nr no nr go kil us 4 dose who knw d meanin of doro nah only una knw am we nr no e nr fit kil us,I really don,t belive what they say i belive dat whatever you do you alway put god first keep it up bye,There is no secret and true meaning of any thing,mk una no kil una self 4 nonsens bcoz if una tlk 4rm nw to nxt 5hundred years d guy go stil sing wetin e went nd e go stil dy mak e moni,even JANTAMANTA una knw wetin e mean,I want to know the secret of doro her self,MAI PPLE DONT LET ME DECIEVE U IT IS REALLY BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.ok,#don jazzy wats is d meaning of dorobucci explain? "Dorobucci" lyrics. I might not know the meaning of the Doro. Jesus is coming.judgement day.from the Luk of tinx I can say dat it is a very demonic song for a godes,What soever a man want na for his hand on the judgment day.Hmmmm at least I took my tym to check and read all the comments, though did not know what brought me to this view but am very sure am not criticizing neither am I going to stop anybody from commenting.Naijaloaded © 2009 - 2020.