Hackintosh Mojave Installer is a smart way to Install macOS Mojave on PC without the need of mac. Now I’ve been automatically converted to it.I followed all of the directions, but when I use Clover Configurator, there is no option to mount my “Install macOS”, but only the “InstallESD” drive. Hope this helps other people out there.Using a Gigabyte B360M D3H and saw that other people with the same motherboard were having the same issue:Link for Clover EFI Install Guide is dead .Its not dead, its the link wrong. I was installing Mojave from a MacBook already running Mojave. I was missing a letter on the “Hackintosher” USB Name..First of all thank you for this tutorial.i am getting a secure boot violation from the windows I’m trying to install the Mojave Flashdrive installer.FYI I selected the option 2 of the tutorial for the EFI .Starting the hackintosh i am trying to configure, i boot from the UEFI bios and boot on the EFI partition, of the USB created following the tutorial.Once i boot on the EFI partition i get this message in a red screen:THE SYSTEM FOUND UNAUTHORISED CHANGES ON THE FIRMWARE, OPERATING SYSTEM OR UEFI DRIVERS.PRESS OK TO RUN THE NEXT BOOT DEVICE OR ENTER DIRECTLY TO BIOS SETUP IF THERE ARE NO OTHER BOOT DEVICE INSTALLED.GO TO BIOS SETUP > BOOT AND CHANGE THE CURRENT BOOT DEVICE INTO OTHER SECURED BOOT DEVICE.Is this because i already have a windows installed on the HACKINTOSH i am trying to create?Shall i format the HDD on the HACKINTOSH PC and get rid of windows before trying this USB installer or is it an UEFI Protection of some kind?The UEFI i m running on the potential future HACKINTOSH PC isL,ASUS UEFI BIOS UTILITY version 2.17.1246 (2016),16 GB RAM / INTEL I 7 PROCESSOR / NIVIDIA GRAPHIC CARD 4 GB RAM,If anyone can give help me find a solution i would be extremely grateful.And now I’m getting a forbidden sign when i run the usb….So i see the mac apple , it starts the loading bar and it stops then i get the white circle with a bar in the middle like a forbidden sign….Any specific option we need to choose when booting ?I have the same problem…could you solve it?For anyone whose EFI partition on the Install macOS USB is not appearing in the Clover Configurator app follow the steps in this link (.I wasn’t aware that there were hidden options in the disk util app used by macOS.Man you just saved me hours of headache. Keep doing good work.When will we get the new EFI folder for the 10.14.4?sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia –volume /Volumes/Hackintosher –nointeraction && say Mojave Drive Created.Output: “You must specify a volume path”.This happened to me. Every Things fully worked THANKS Dear Hackintosher.The link for( Clover EFI Install Guide) is broken.Worked perfectly for a Gigabyte Z370N WiFi motherboard and i7-8700K using internal graphics for now. After pasting the Clover Boot folder onto the UEFI … Links to pics.Thanks you for sharing this! I really found this is very useful for me. Here it is correct:need a installer direct download.
Thanks so much!No I tried the High Sierra drivers on Mojave and they don’t give full acceleration will have to wait for Nvidia for the release.I’m receiving a black screen with cursor. Couldn’t get it why the installer said “Making disk bootable” when it was not a bootable disk.

Also, as mentioned earlier, it is important that there are two separate dashes without a space before volume.sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia –volume /Volumes/Hackintosher,I want to install Mojave on Gigabits H370 HD3 / I5 8400,I get the following : this version can’t be installed on this computer,I try to install Mojave on Gigabyte H370 HD3 (rév 1) / Processor I5 8400 +/Intégrated Graphic,I try to install Mojave on Gigabyte H370 HD3 (rév 1) / Processor I5 8400 /Intégrated Graphic,Nothing work I get : “Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device …..”,Option 1, Step 1, Bullet 2 – Follow the Clover EFI Install Guide.the link to Clover EFI Install Guide is broken.the roland duo capture ex sound card works too, with high sierra driver.mojave drivers are not available at this time….I couldn’t update the RAM settings (i.e.
I’ve had issues with getting USB3 to work on my build and have tried so many things! Any ideas how to fix it? It only shows Windows 10 partition.Did the EFI entry somehow get deleted, or APFS.efi related issue?As suspected, Apfs.efi was not being loaded when Clover was attempting to boot after the update, causing Clover to stall, and not load to the selection screen.As a test, I created a Legacy Boot USB with Clover installed. from app store normally or. Somewhere in a Clover update, the Christmas theme was selected. Any chance to get a Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti running smoothly at the moment using the High Sierra drivers or is it better to wait?