Do Not Record! It will also show a stream called “Watch Live Now Law & Crime Network” where our anchors hop between live trials while providing analysis. Under California Rules of Court, rule 1.150, no electronic recordings, audio capture, or rebroadcasting of the live streaming is allowed without the expressed, written consent of the court. It will also show a stream called “Watch Live Now Law & Crime Network” where our anchors hop between live trials while providing analysis. To listen to Courtroom Audio: Please select a Courthouse, then select a Department. The ex-Marine’s attorneys had asked for most or part of his sentence be spent in...OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A former San Francisco Bay Area tour operator was sentenced to four years in prison for serving as an unregistered agent for China’s Ministry of State Security in a scheme to use “dead drops” to pick up digital memory cards from a source and take them to China. 9/11/20 Sex Trafficking Murder Case: Teen Charged with First-Degree Intentional Homicide . Beachvolleyball Live - King of the Court - Gruppenphase, 3. Hood Soldier,6/25/20 Activists and Celebs Demand Charges at Breonna Taylor Protest,6/24/20 Chad Daybell's Friends Reject his Religious Beliefs,6/24/20 Police: Father Tried to Kill Twin Toddlers,6/23/20 Robert Durst Loses COVID-19 Mistrial Bid,6/23/20 Bodycam: Charles Vallow Warns Police of 'Cult Mom's' Mental State.6/23/20 Why is Tammy Daybell's Autopsy Taking So Long?6/22/20 Can We Bring Police and Protesters Together?6/22/20 'Cult Mom' Affidavit Reveals Child's Remains Found in 'Pet Cemetery',6/22/20 Doomsday Cult Mom: Forensic Pathologist Analyzes 'Horrendous Case',6/21/20 Released Ex-Cop in George Floyd Case Confronted in Store,6/19/20 Letecia Stauch's Alleged Jailbreak Plot Foiled,6/19/20 Bond Denied for Man Accused of Murdering College Student,6/19/20 'There's Blood...He's Not Moving’: 911 Call of Lori Vallow's Brother Alex Cox,6/19/20 ‘Dismembered, Burned’: Chad Daybell Probable Cause Affidavit Unsealed,6/18/20 Forensic Expert Joseph Scott Morgan On Daybell Property Crime Scene,6/18/20 Atlanta Officers Charged in Shooting Surrender,6/18/20 Man Who Killed Sex Offender Speaks from Jail,6/18/20 Ford Bronco is Back... on OJ's Birthday,6/17/20 Exclusive: Chad Daybell's Ex-Friend Speaks to Court TV,6/17/20 Forensics Expert: If Bodies Burned, Finding Cause of Death Will Be Difficult, But Not Impossible,6/17/20 Rayshard Brooks Shooting: Fired ATL Officer Charged with Murder,6/17/20 Inside Lori Vallow's Storage Unit Where Children’s Items Were Found,6/16/20 Kentucky Mom Tragedy: The Murder of Savannah Spurlock,6/16/20 Chad Daybell's Neighbor Speaks to Court TV,6/16/20 Supreme Court Ruling Protects LGBTQ Workers,6/16/20 George Floyd: 911 Dispatcher Raised Concerns During Arrest,6/16/20 A Closer Look at Chad Daybell's Property,6/15/20 Attorney for Rayshard Brooks' Family Speaks to Court TV,6/15/20 Friend of Tylee Vallow Speaks to Court TV,6/15/20 Friend of Lori Vallow Speaks to Court TV,6/15/20 Police: Utah Man Confesses to Killing Tinder Date,6/15/20 Police Release Bodycam Video of Rayshard Brooks Shooting,6/15/20 Vigil Held for J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan.6/12/20 Will the Future Include Zoom Jury Trials?6/12/20 Chad Daybell's Neighbor Speaks to Court TV,6/12/20 No-Knock Warrants Banned in Louisville After Breonna Taylor's Death,6/11/20 Snake King Murder Trial: Brother Speaks to Court TV,6/11/20 How Police Unions Became So Powerful,6/11/20 Casey Anthony Judge Weighs In On Vallow, Daybell Cases,6/11/20 Neighbor Reported Huge Bonfires Where Human Remains Were Found,6/11/20 Memorial for Missing Kids Grows at Daybell's Home,6/10/20 Doomsday Cult Mom Case: Investigating Cause and Manner of Death,6/10/20 Chad Daybell Makes First Court Appearance, Bond Set at $1 Million,6/10/20 Court TV Visits Scene Where Ahmaud Arbery Was Shot,6/9/20 Source: Remains of Two Bodies Found at Chad Daybell's Property,6/9/20 George Floyd: Officer Lane's Lawyer Breaks Down Bodycam Video to Court TV,6/9/20 Chad Daybell in Custody, Human Remains Found,6/8/20 Attorney Representing George Floyd's Daughter Speaks to Court TV.6/8/20 Arbery Shooting: Will Use of Racial Epithet Come into Trial?6/8/20 Church Murders Revisited: Authorities Reopen 1985 Murder Case,6/8/20 Sex Trafficking Murder Case: Teen Charged with First-Degree Intentional Homicide,6/8/20 Derek Chauvin's Bond with Conditions Set at $1 Million,6/5/20 Buffalo Police Officers Push Elderly Man,6/5/20 Testimony: Racial Slur Used As Arbery Lay Dying,6/5/20 Letecia Stauch's Alleged Jailbreak Plot Foiled,6/5/20 National Guard Maintains Order During Civil Unrest,6/5/20 Breaking Down the Charges Against Officers in George Floyd's Death,6/5/20 Tiger King: Carole Baskin Wins Joe Exotic's Big Cats,6/4/20 First Amendment Lawyer Floyd Abrams Speaks to Court TV,6/4/20 Arbery Murder Trial Against 3 Defendants to Proceed,6/4/20 Prosecutors Oppose Robert Durst Mistrial,6/4/20 DA: 'Today is One Victory' in Arbery Murder Case,6/4/20 Arbery Family Attorney Lee Merritt Speaks to Court TV,6/4/20 Arbery Family Attorney Holds Press Conference Outside Courthouse,6/4/20 GBI Lead Investigator Cross-Examination by Travis McMichael Defense PT4,6/4/20 GBI Lead Investigator Cross-Examination by Travis McMichael Defense PT3,6/4/20 GBI Lead Investigator Cross-Examination by Travis McMichael Defense PT2,6/4/20 GBI Lead Investigator Cross-Examination by Travis McMichael Defense PT1,6/4/20 Ahmaud Arbery Shooting: GBI Lead Investigator Direct Examination,6/4/20 Ahmaud Arbery Shooting: GBI Lead Investigator Describes Incident,6/3/20 Ice Cream Man Murder Trial: Defense Lawyer Withdraws from Retrial,6/3/20 Scott Peterson Challenges Death Penalty,6/3/20 All Four Officers in George Floyd's Death Charged,6/3/20 Preliminary Hearing Thursday for Three Defendants in Ahmaud Arbery Shooting,Live Coverage of the Ahmaud Arbery Hearing 6/4/20,6/2/20 Scott Peterson & The Court of Public Opinion,6/2/20 Convicted Murderer Henry Segura Prepares Appeal,6/2/20 Two Autopsies Reach Similar, Different Conclusions on George Floyd's Death,6/2/20 Breaking Down the Videos of George Floyd's Final Moments,6/1/20 NBPA Chairwoman Sonia Pruitt Speaks to Court TV,6/1/20 Scott Peterson Case Argued Tomorrow,6/1/20 Private Family Autopsy Claims Asphyxia Caused George Floyd's Death,5/29/20 Hearing Scheduled in Georgia Jogger Shooting,5/29/20 Utah Couple Killed During Home Invasion,5/29/20 Protesters Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor,5/29/20 Officer Who Pinned Down George Floyd Arrested,5/28/20 George Floyd's Cousin Speaks to Court TV,5/28/20 Mom in Sam's Club Arrest Sues Police For Assault,5/28/20 Police: Man Admitted to Killing Pedophile,5/28/20 The Death of George Floyd: New Bodycam Footage Released,5/28/20 Death In a Suitcase: A Deadly Game of Hide and Seek,5/27/20 Peter Manfredonia Found and in Custody,5/27/20 Stephen Jackson, Friend of George Floyd, Speaks to Court TV,5/27/20 Four Officers Fired After Death of George Floyd,5/27/20 Four Arrested in Murder of Tech CEO,5/27/20 New Charges Against Boyfriend of Baby Evelyn Boswell's Grandmother,5/26/20 Man Dies After Being Detained By Minneapolis Police,5/26/20 Roddie Bryan's Attorney Speaks to Court TV,5/26/20 Cold Case Murder Mystery: Aliza Sherman's Unsolved Murder,5/26/20 Scott Peterson Challenges Death Penalty,5/26/20 Ahmaud Arbery's Felony Record and the Defense,5/22/20 Cheyanne Harris Reports Being Bullied Behind Bars,5/22/20 Carole Baskin Forgery Allegations An Iowa jury,5/22/20 Charges Filed Against Megan Boswell, Mother of Deceased Infant,5/22/20 Man Who Filmed Ahmaud Arbery's Death Arrested,5/22/20 ID v. Vallow: JJ's Grandparents Plea for Their Missing Grandson,5/22/20 Son Kills Father on Zoom Call with 20 People,5/21/20 Robotic Surgeon Accused of Strangling Wife,5/21/20 Husband Takes Wife's Disappearance to the Grave,5/21/20 Newly-Released Bodycam Video of Charles Vallow,5/21/20 Lori Loughlin aka 'Aunt Becky' To Get Prison Time,5/21/20 Man who filmed Arbery Shooting Arrested for Felony Murder,5/20/20 Search for Missing Colorado Woman,5/20/20 Sole 9/11 Convict Renounces Terrorism,5/20/20 The Last Minutes of Ahmaud Arbery's Life,5/20/20 'I Can Murder You': Newly-Released Video of Lori Vallow's Former Husband,5/19/20 Florida Traffic Stop Leads to Fatal Shooting,5/19/20 Mother of Florida Teen Shot and Killed By Homeowner Speaks Out,5/19/20 Jury Selection: The Balance of Art and Science,5/19/20 Why Ahmaud Arbery's Death is Being Called a Lynching,5/19/20 Bodycam Video from 2017 Shows Police Tried to Tase Ahmaud Arbery,5/18/20 Mark O'Mara: 'I Was Persona Non Grata' After Zimmerman Verdict,5/18/20 Probe of Professor's Killing Leads to Landfill,5/18/20 Alleged Father-Daughter Murder: Maryland Man Accused of Killing Wife,5/18/20 R. Kelly Denied Third Attempt for Bond,5/18/20 The Road to Arrests in Ahmaud Arbery's Death,5/15/20 Trial Set in Mollie Tibbetts' Murder Case,5/15/20 Man Spotted in Las Vegas Hotel Balcony with a Gun,5/15/20 Sergeant Fired After Parkland Shooting to Get Old Job,5/15/20 Lawyer of Man Who Filmed the Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Speaks to Court TV,5/14/20 Ahmaud Arbery and Trayvon Martin: A Mother's Grief,5/14/20 Lawyer Convicted of Wife's Murder Dies in Prison,5/14/20 New Surveillance Video Shows Ahmaud Arbery Before the Shooting,5/13/20 Ahmaud Arbery's Mother Speaks to Court TV,5/13/20 Fred Tokars Dies in Prison Nearly 30 Years After Arranging Wife's Murder,5/13/20 Lori Vallow's History of Bitter Divorces,5/13/20 LA Inmates Accused of Purposely Spreading Coronavirus.5/13/20 Ahmaud Arbery Killing: Corroborating Evidence or Inconsistencies?5/13/20 Paul Manafort Released to Stop COVID-19 Spread,5/13/20 Forensic Expert Reviews Ahmaud Arbery Autopsy Results,5/13/20 SCOTUS: Colorado v. Baca Questions Electoral College Votes,5/13/20 SCOTUS: Chifalo v. Washington Challenges 'Faithless Electors',5/12/20 Ahmaud Arbery Shooting: Impact of Changing Narratives on Public Perception,5/12/20 ID v. Lori Vallow: A Timeline of Events,5/12/20 Michael Peterson's Defense Attorney Speaks to Court TV,5/12/20 Community Demands Justice in Police Shooting of Dreasjon 'Sean' Reed,5/12/20 SCOTUS to Decide if Laws That Punish 'Faithless Electors' Violate Free Speech,5/12/20 Ahmaud Arbery's Autopsy Report Finds No Drugs or Alcohol in Body,5/12/20 Man Behind Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Video Speaks Out,5/12/20 SCOTUS: Trump v. New York DA Cyrus Vance,5/12/20 SCOTUS: House of Rep.