“We get mentioned on every lead in and out and every commercial break. At one end is a covered stage for concerts by alternative bands between games.The city, which is redeveloping around its pier, is happy to have the event, Huntington Beach Community Services Director Ron Hagan said.“We’re trying to enhance our tourism business,” he said. Inform, Involve, Inspire! Hell, maybe even bring back the Blackout Tour for a little bit and just throw some weekend festivals with all 3 events going at once. What does PBH stand for? PBH abbreviation stands for Pro Beach Hockey. Yet somehow we’ve been on this planet for thousands of years and we still don’t have an actual, real life version of ESPN8 that airs random ass sports throughout the summer to take us from the end of the Stanley Cup/NBA Finals to the start of football season. The entire 35-game series will be taped and 26 one-hour programs are expected to be shown 81 times this summer on ESPN and ESPN2. 2020. I can guarantee you right now that if you started up a new Pro Beach Hockey league, you’d make millions upon millions of dollars. But ESPN’s Josh Krulewitz said the cable network has been looking for a “TV-driven” event for three years, since it created the X-Games, which return to San Diego next month.“The X-Games and this event are both about competition,” Krulewitz said. Beach Hockey Europe - Beach Hockey is the most spectacular form of Hockey and is played since 2004. We’ve cured polio. Advertisement But roller hockey purists such as … Barstool should create the league and find a way to merge it together with Rough N Rowdy. Games begin at 11 a.m. each day and end by 6 p.m. On weekdays he has scheduled free in-line seminars for local teams and tours for local schools.McLane has paid the city $25,000 to run Pro Beach. “It doesn’t have a good identification stamp with the public due to the fact that it wasn’t user-friendly.

I know there was like a day or a weekend last year where ESPN8: The Ocho became reality but it needs to be a mainstay in the months from June to September.But at the very least, Pro Beach Hockey needs to make a comeback. It lasted one season.McLane spent nearly four seasons as marketing director for Roller Hockey International, but when that league was dropped by ESPN because of poor ratings at the end of the 1996 season, McLane concentrated on his Pro Beach plans.Neither McLane nor an ESPN spokesman would say how much the network has spent on Pro Beach. We’ve (allegedly) put a man on the moon. RHI, which lasted five seasons and once boasted 24 teams in Canada and the United States, went broke at the end of last season and has announced it will not play this year while it attempts to reorganize.“Professional roller hockey got off to a great start, but then faltered quickly,” said McSorley, the older brother of San Jose Shark defenseman Marty McSorley. The new X-treme League was touted for start-up this summer on the East Coast, but it never got off the ground. It’s been damn near 20 years since the last PBH game was played. Which side does that help?Q&A: What happens now with the Supreme Court. It had ramps behind the nets to "increase speed” and a 2-point line that was treated much like basketball's 3 point line. Most Popular APA All Acronyms. Pro Beach Hockey (PBH) was a professional inline hockey league from 1998-2000 in Huntington Beach, California.

The package is also expected to be picked up on the cable giant’s 140-nation international programming channel for airing later this year.McLane’s first attempt at promoting the sport was in 1993 with the World Roller Hockey League, another gimmick-laden TV production featuring 28 games that was filmed in Florida. All pro sports constantly review the structure of the rules of play and upgrade where needed to increase the entertainment value, and that is what we have done.”.Professional roller hockey has been the in-line Achilles’ heel. Pro Beach Hockey’s rules feature changes that organizers believe will make competition more exciting. The idea smacked concert promoter David McLane like a hockey puck between the eyes.Driving through Beverly Hills, his car ran over a small, brightly colored ball that two young boys had been slapping around the street with hockey sticks.Eight years and a couple detours later, McLane got the ball rolling again in Huntington Beach, where Pro Beach Hockey, his glitzy $2-million venture billed as a hockey-meets-beach experiment, begins play today just south of the pier.The games will be filmed each weekend through Memorial Day for showing on ESPN throughout the summer.Organizers contend the modified hockey rules and flashy presentation will carve a niche with the X-Games crowd and beach-goers alike.But some in the in-line industry believe Pro Beach Hockey may jeopardize the future of their sport, which is booming in suburban rinks with nearly 4 million participants but has had setbacks at the professional level.“Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t,” said Maury Silver, founder of the Bullfrogs, a 5-year-old professional in-line team that he says has lost $2 million.