HAX IS CLOSED An Editorial

There will be no lack of opinions offered as to why HAX never seemed to gain traction after it opened two years ago. Many former customers of Hackney’s were alienated because there was an obvious move to attract a more youthful clientele and abandoned the old model. Family owned restaurants face a problem when a mature neighborhood changes and younger people start moving in. Plus, traditional sit-down restaurants are very labor intensive. The previous iteration was the popular Hackney’s. Along with the restaurant with full menu was a bar where everybody knew your name. The regulars loved that convivial place to meet. My guess is that training new wait staff constantly because college students come and go, and managing the purchase of food and supplies, became arduous when there is no end in sight. No younger family members to pass the baton. The model for HAX was probably the younger sibling, Flacos Tacos that caught on quickly, even in that small space. We should be grateful for entrepreneurs who are willing to make the leap and invest their hard earned money in an enterprise. If we like it, we should make sure we support it with our dollars.
Al Hippensteel






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