Our 100th Issue Anniversary

This is our 100th Issue . We started this publication on February 1, 2013. It was no accident. We heard that the local newspaper , the Chicago Journal, was going to cease publication in the South Loop. We decided that it would be a worthwhile effort if we tried to, in some small way, replace some of the news that was lost. We don’t pretend to be the Journal’s equal. They were a “for profit” publication with a paid staff. This is strictly a non-profit effort. Our goal is to support local businesses and local organizations and provide news of Printers Row and Dearborn Park. It is sponsored by the South Loop Referral Group, a networking group of small business owners. We would like to thank those who have contributed to providing quality, lively reading. Bonnie McGrath has been in every issue, Beth Finke joined us in September, 2013 with her wit and wisdom. Later , Mike Knezovich began contributing his “both feet on the ground” commentary of common sense. Thank you to Brian Hieggelke, editor of Newcity for allowing us to use selected excellently written pieces. Thank you to our book reviewer: Lorraine Schmall. And Marianne Goss, our newest contributor who writes about retirement. Thanks to the property managers who help distribute the Dearborn Express to their residents. Thank you to Janice Koerber for information gathering as Assistant Editor. And finally, thank you to the support from the South Loop Referral Group






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