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  • Monday, January 6, 2020 The Grail Cafe Officially Opens Their Doors at 715 S. Dearborn

    Lots of excitement in the neighborhood about the opening of the new Grail Cafe at 715 S. Dearborn.  They had a soft opening late in December, but officially opened their doors on January 1st, 2020 (from their Facebook Page): And we’ve heard from a variety of readers, such as: Wow, this place is extremely busy! […]

  • New Rules for Deconversion of Condos to Rental

    Amendment to Municipal Code Concerning Sale of Condominium property (SO2019-5753)This ordinance raised the size of the majority needed by a condominium board to vote for the sale of all the building’s units. Currently 75% of a condominium’s voting power is the threshold needed to successfully vote for the sale of all units This ordinance will […]

  • Jane Bryne Interchange

    In case you missed this doozy last week…all we gotta say is damn (via Chicago Tribune): Drivers, be patient, and find alternate routes if you can. Work on the Jane Byrne Interchange will go on for another four years. That’s the word from the Illinois Department of Transportation, which has been rebuilding what used to be […]

  • The Beginnings of Dearborn Express

    History of The Dearborn Express The idea of starting a local publication was born out of the loss of the Chicago Journal, a much beloved newspaper which stopped distribution in December of 2012.  When the announcement was made, there was an almost palpable collective groan from the community.  The “Journal,” like all traditional printed publications […]