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  • Chicago Newcomers Assistance Network

    Chicago Newcomers Assistance Network

    Supporting Asylum Seekers at District 1 Police Station (South Loop) See the website for an overview of how to help: Join this Facebook group to follow more closely: Make a tax deductible donation via our fiscal sponsor Life Quilt Foundation Purchase high-priority items off this Amazon Wish List (set up to be delivered directly to volunteers, not to…

  • McCormick Place Lakeside Center         Will Close Blinds Every Night To Protect Migrating Birds

    McCormick Place Lakeside Center Will Close Blinds Every Night To Protect Migrating Birds

    The building owners are exploring other ways to protect birds, including installing bird-safe film and adding more shades. by Kayleigh Padar November 1, 2023 DOWNTOWN — Leaders at McCormick Place Lakeside Center plan to close the blinds every night to prevent bird collisions following increased criticism from advocates after 1,000 birds died from crashing into…

  • YMCA Plans Downtown Center Inside New Apartment Building

    YMCA Plans Downtown Center Inside New Apartment Building

    The YMCA near Pritzker Park would anchor a new mixed-income building proposed for the corner of Van Buren Street and Plymouth Court. Developers still need to secure financing for the project. Melody Mercado  Sep 26, 2023   DOWNTOWN — A 14,000-square-foot YMCA will debut Downtown inside a mixed-income apartment complex potentially breaking ground in 2025.…

  • What is Plurality Voting?

    What is Plurality Voting?

    At an event sponsored by Indivisible Chicago, Andrew Silva spoke representing Fair Vote Illinois at Grace Place on October 17, 2023. He talked about plurality Voting.  People complain when a third party splits the vote like the Green Party for the Democrats or the Libertarian Party for the Republicans.  Ranked Choice Voting helps to avoid…

  • ‘The Janes’ Wins Best Documentary at the 44th Annual Documentary Emmy Awards

    ‘The Janes’ Wins Best Documentary at the 44th Annual Documentary Emmy Awards

    Editor’s note:   Patricia Novick, a resident of Dearborn Park, is a Jane.  The Janes were a group of women at the University of Chicago who counseled other woman toward a path to  a safe abortion when it was illegal 50 years ago, prior to Roe vs Wade.  The second night of the annual News and…

  • Records Raise Questions On CPS

    Records Raise Questions On CPS

    Transparency Over Near South Side High School Plan Chicago Public Schools promised to listen to residents concerning the school location but did closed door planning for months. Appraisals for purchased land differ by millions of dollars, records show. Emeline Posner, Illinois Answers Project and Jewél Jackson, Illinois Answers Project Aug 22, 2023 The site of…

  • Printers Row Lit Fest

    Printers Row Lit Fest

    Started 38 years ago by Bette Cerf Hill, a Dearborn Park resident and friends, the Printers Row Lit Fest continues on better than ever.  The Near South Planning Board regained the book fair when the Chicago Tribune backed away from sponsoring it several years ago.  Above photo is of the poetry tent.  

  • Migrants

    Migrants.  Driving down State Street, we are appalled at the overcrowded Police Station housing Migrants with people spilling out onto the sidewalk.  But it’s a situation we’re stuck with until an alternative solution is found.  In the meantime, organizations and churches have been providing the Migrants with much needed food, clothing and other supplies.  Many…

  • In That Number , Tortoise Books, Chicago

    Regan Burke is in Beth Finke’s Memoir Writing Class where I met her and heard many of her stories that are included in this book. In That Number is a memoir, a tortious travelogue, a confessional of sins, a remarkable example of the resilience of the human spirit.  If she had led a normal life,…

  • South Loop Development Roundup

    A reminder: Our Sept. 16 online meeting covered the development and planning issues active in the neighborhood. If you weren’t able to attend, you can view the entire presentation on YouTube. The latest on all South Loop projects can always be found at Dennis McClendon Director of Planning and Development