The Dearborn Express

  • Alderman Dowell’s Ordinance on Dangerous Motorcycles Heard Today in Committee, Jan 9th, 2020

    Today, the City Council Committee on Public Safety held a hearing on Alderman Dowell’s ordinance that asks the City to outline a plan to deal with the illegal and dangerous groups of motorcycle riders that recklessly ride around many neighborhoods in Chicago. Thank you to Chairman Chris Talieferro for holding this important hearing, and to…

  • South Loop Update

    From South Loop Neighbors, a roundup of what’s planned or under construction in the South Loop, much like the presentation given at South Loop Neighbor’s annual meeting each year, is now available and kept updated in a new section of our ebite: SouthLoopUpdate. Check it out

  • The Beginnings of Dearborn Express

    History of The Dearborn Express The idea of starting a local publication was born out of the loss of the Chicago Journal, a much beloved newspaper which stopped distribution in December of 2012.  When the announcement was made, there was an almost palpable collective groan from the community.  The “Journal,” like all traditional printed publications…