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  • South Loop Crime decreased in 2018

    by Roger Marsh, South Loop Neighbors May 10, 2019 Crime reports in the South Loop declined over 7% from 2017 to 2018, according to data presented at a South Loop Neighbors meeting on May 1st. Furthermore, that trend continued in the first quarter of 2019 with another 5% drop. This reversed a trend of slightly […]

  • Bike Lane Improvements

    May 10, 2019. Alderman King called a meeting at Grace Place on Tuesday evening at 6pm to discuss upgrades to the Bike Lanes in the South Loop. It addressed concerns by residents voiced two years ago when bike lanes were originally proposed. Since then, the Dearborn St. two-way bike lane has been constructed. The bike […]

  • Unique South Loop Voting Patterns

    According to the preliminary report published by the Chicago Board of Elections, results from the 3rd and 4th Wards show a significant difference between those Wards’ precincts in the South Loop and their non-South Loop precincts, further south. In the mayoral primary, Lightfoot won in both Ward’s South Loop precincts while Preckwinkle won in the […]

  • Our 100th Issue Anniversary

    This is our 100th Issue . We started this publication on February 1, 2013. It was no accident. We heard that the local newspaper , the Chicago Journal, was going to cease publication in the South Loop. We decided that it would be a worthwhile effort if we tried to, in some small way, replace […]

  • Jane Bryne Interchange

    In case you missed this doozy last week…all we gotta say is damn (via Chicago Tribune): Drivers, be patient, and find alternate routes if you can. Work on the Jane Byrne Interchange will go on for another four years. That’s the word from the Illinois Department of Transportation, which has been rebuilding what used to be […]

  • High South Loop Voter Turnout by Roger Marsh, South Loop Neighbors

    Voters in the South Loop voted in the November 2018 elections at a higher rate than their counterparts in the rest of Chicago.  In the precincts of the 3rd, 4th, and 25th Wards that are in the South Loop, bounded by the Loop, Lake Michigan, Chicago River, and the Stevenson Expressway, 73.86 % of registered […]

  • Ulrich Sandmeyer, 1948-2018

    Ulrich & Ellen Sandmeyer founded Sandmeyer’s Bookstore in May 1982. The bookstore has served as an anchor for Printers Row and the South Loop for the past 36 years, partnering with local schools, libraries and nonprofits to help transform a neighborhood down on its luck into a thriving hub of city life. Sandmeyer’s has been […]

  • South Loop Update

    From South Loop Neighbors, a roundup of what’s planned or under construction in the South Loop, much like the presentation given at South Loop Neighbor’s annual meeting each year, is now available and kept updated in a new section of our ebite: SouthLoopUpdate. Check it out

  • The Beginnings of Dearborn Express

    History of The Dearborn Express The idea of starting a local publication was born out of the loss of the Chicago Journal, a much beloved newspaper which stopped distribution in December of 2012.  When the announcement was made, there was an almost palpable collective groan from the community.  The “Journal,” like all traditional printed publications […]