Alderman Dowell’s Ordinance on Dangerous Motorcycles Heard Today in Committee, Jan 9th, 2020

Today, the City Council Committee on Public Safety held a hearing on Alderman Dowell’s ordinance that asks the City to outline a plan to deal with the illegal and dangerous groups of motorcycle riders that recklessly ride around many neighborhoods in Chicago. Thank you to Chairman Chris Talieferro for holding this important hearing, and to Chicago Police Department Bureau of Patrol Chief Fred Waller, Commander Sean Loughran and OEMC Executive Director Rich Guidice for their testimony at the hearing. 
Alderman Dowell is also grateful for the support she has received from her fellow aldermen who share this problem, including Aldermen: Reilly, Hopkins, King, Napolitano, Smith, Hairston, Sigcho-Lopez, Tunney and Daley Thompson.
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