The Beginnings of Dearborn Express

History of The Dearborn Express

The idea of starting a local publication was born out of the loss of the Chicago Journal, a much beloved newspaper which stopped distribution in December of 2012.  When the announcement was made, there was an almost palpable collective groan from the community.  The “Journal,” like all traditional printed publications of its kind, was fighting the trend of higher costs and more competition for advertising.   Then the Great Recession hit and it became apparent that they would have to make a difficult decision.  So in January of 2013, I floated the idea of an electronic publication that would have virtually no cost with Roy Svenson, Branch Manager of Community Bank in Dearborn Station (now known as Byline Bank).  He encouraged me to pursue this effort and even helped line up content for the first issue.  The first issue was dated February 1, 2013 and ran eight pages.  The South Loop Referral Group, a networking group of small businesses, became my board of directors and sponsor.  Next year, we will eclipse 100 issues.




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